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Data analytics and visualization

I love sharing my passion for data analytics and data visualization. If you're interested in attending a workshop or want to organize one for your team, please contact me.

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Intro to dataviz

What is data visualization? Why is it useful? What are exploratory and explanatory analysis? How to pick the right chart?

Lecture | 1h30 | Slides

About bad charts

This lecture showcases about 30 charts that illustrate the most common dataviz bad practices, and discuss workarounds.

Lecture | 1h | Slides

The very basics of ggplot2

Build basic charts with ggplot2, the most powerful tool for dataviz with R. All basic chart types are covered.

Lecture & Practical & Correction | 4h

Going further with ggplot2

Learn the next steps of ggplot2, like annotation, appearance customization, extensions and more.

Practical & Correction | 4h

Reporting with R Markdown

Build interactive and reproducible reports directly from your R code thanks to R Markdown.

Practical | 2h | Slides

Intro to github

Share your report online thanks to github, and learn the basics of version control and code sharing.

Practical | 2h | Slides

April 2019 session - Al├Ęs, France

Coming soon...

Intro to R

Learn the basics of R and the tidyverse. Loading a file, basic data manipulation, simple stat model and a first chart.

Lecture & practical | 4h

Less common charts

Discover charts like Sankey Diagram, Network graphs, Maps, Treemaps and more. Learn how to build them with R.

Lecture & practical | 4h

Data manipulation in R

Tidyr and Dplyr are 2 packages from the tidyverse allowing to efficiently manipulate your data.

Practical | 4h | Slides

Building maps with R

How to represent geospatial information with static or interactive maps with R. Introduces packages like sf and leaflet.

Practical | 4h | Slides

Interactive charts

The Html Widgets are a set of R packages allowing to build interactive charts. Allows to zoom in, add tooltip on hover and more.

Practical | 4h | Slides


Feel free to contact me for any question. For open source project, please open an issue or pull request on Github. If you want to follow my work, reach me on Twitter. Otherwise, send me an email at yan.holtz.data@gmail.com.

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